About Us

Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd is dedicated to working with clients to ensure that reliability becomes integrated into their organizational culture through the provision of consultation services, training and partnering to develop solutions.

After working in the lubrication industry, it was evident that the main focus was to ensure that the industrial plants were operating at all costs! Once achieved, the efficiency factor is then brought to the forefront. Efficiency can only be achieved where processes have been examined, results documented and changes executed. Reliability constitutes an integral role in successfully increasing efficiency.

In the past, the word reliability has been thrown around but never implemented. Most companies struggle with its implementation and may need someone outside of the organization to properly assess the culture and implement the most appropriate reliability measures. This will effectively assist in raising the quality of the products, improving the efficiency of the operation and boosting ROI.

Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd aims to ensure that the customer invites reliability back into their workplace and allows it become part of their culture. Through customized training programs and certification from accredited institutions, Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd will ensure that reliability becomes part of the customer’s culture.

Here’s our take on Reliability within the Caribbean with Rob’s Reliability Project host Robert Kalwarowsky!