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Our preferred Lab for Failure Testing

SGS is the preferred OCM lab for Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd. Their state of the art Oil Condition Monitoring laboratories are located in Vallejo, California between San Francisco and the Napa Valley and Naperville, Illinois near Chicago. Highly skilled professionals such as Chemists (Analytical, Organic / Inorganic), Engineers (Mechanical, Tribology, Chemical), Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS) Evaluators (Fuels, Lubricants, Maintenance), Technicians (Field Services, Laboratory), Administrators (Contract, Quality Assurance, Finance, Marketing) and Research Associates (PhD, Project Managers) can be found at their organization.

SGS Oil, Gas And Chemicals OCM laboratories deliver high quality, full service analysis of oil, fuel, grease, refrigerants, coolants and other maintenance fluids. Their lubrication analysis, equipment condition monitoring and rapid solutions to tribological (wear and tear) problems assist customers in reducing costs, increasing productivity, avoiding equipment downtime and extending equipment life. SGS tests to ASTM and industry accepted standards and are ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025 and 10CFR50 Appendix B certified. By setting a high standard for lubrication analysis, SGS makes a tremendous impact on client businesses with outstanding customer service, a 95% on-time performance rating, high quality data validation and ease of access to data. SGS provides the most advanced and comprehensive testing capabilities of any independent oil analysis lab in the world today.

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Our Reliability Experts

Reliability Center offers insightful and unique ways of looking at their client’s operations and problems. And especially, at the people who are most involved. We strive to really understand the heart of their issues. Helping them to develop recommendations that will have a long term positive impact on the overall performance of their organization. For the past 30+ years RCI’s Reliability Approach has been consistently refined and enhanced ensuring that it keeps up with the constantly changing technology and it is always applicable to any type of situation or problem.

RCI has observed that most of our clients have tremendous potential, but it is often blocked by a fixed view of how things should be done. Yesterday’s mindset does not lead to tomorrow’s success. Today’s business world is changing faster than ever before. Competition comes from every direction and communication is worldwide instantaneously. Check out their site!

Our Training Consultant

Services offered include:

  • Lubricant Application Training
  • Plant  Equipment Lubrication Surveys
  • Oil Analysis Training and Interpretation of Data
  • Lubrication related Site Assessments / Plant Audits
  • Trouble shooting of Lubrication Issues & Equipment Failures
Our Condition Monitoring Specialists

KVR's aim is to build long-term partnerships with our customers and to maximize the potential of business with a combination of competitive prices, cost effectiveness and most importantly, enhancing the quality of service we deliver to the industry that guarantees customer satisfaction. At the same time they will pursue profitable growth by linking their customers with new products and services aimed at improving their Engineering & Maintenance Asset Management Programs.

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Our Asset Management Specialist

Greeman Asset Management Solutions Inc. is a firm that provides asset management advisory services, consultancy and training to asset-intensive organizations. Our solutions focus on helping firms to align their operations to their asset management policies and strategic plans and to benefit from the provisions of global standards.

We are staffed with certified asset management assessors and professionals who not only understand the provisions of ISO 55000 family of standards, but also understand asset systems and organizational processes. This unique know how, allows us to interpret your firm’s organizational context, assess asset risks and develop solutions that are strategic enough to be appreciated and supported by top management, while also being granular enough to be implemented by frontline staff and middle management.

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Our RCM3 Supplier

COCO NET Inc. is an alliance of equipment maintenance, physical asset reliability & business professionals. (Trainers, Mentors, Facilitators, Practitioners, and Managers) We support asset-intensive companies to achieve, and sustain world-class operational excellence. Our experts have consulted extensively on Industry 4.0 (4th Generation) culture change, advanced manufacturing technology and Management Information System solutions. Our specialties are business integrity engineering, EAM / CMMS system design & implementation, improvement initiatives using risk-based LEAN RCM, human factors vulnerability management, optimum cost safe-work processes, and business resilience enablement.

Member of the ALADON Network.

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