Executive Overview Workshop

August 17, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Angostura Compound, San Juan, Trinidad & Tobago
Executive Overview Workshop @ Angostura Compound, San Juan, Trinidad & Tobago

The presentation will open with a discussion about the core steps of the PROACT Investigation Management System. The workshop leader will then delve into the criteria defining a ‘thorough and credible’ RCA.

A contrast will be made between the pros and cons of the most common RCA graphical expressions (5-Whys, Fishbone Diagrams, Logic Trees).

Attendees will participate in the analysis of a basic case study, which will then be applied to the most common RCA expressions.

This will allow attendees to understand why some analytical tools are more comprehensive than others, and when each should be applied.

This session will provide the attendee a qualify control checklist to use, to evaluate RCA presentations that are given to them.

The workshop will conclude with how to make an ROI business case for an RCA, so these expectations can be set for those analysts in the field.

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