We've been featured in a couple articles and podcasts about our story. Check them out below!



Click on the link to access the interview with Sanya as she talks about what inspired her to go into STEM and much more!


Sanya chats with Victor Perton about what makes her optimistic and the people who have inspired her throughout her journey. Click here for more details.


Check out this article where the beginnings of SRSL, challenges that we've faced in the industry and some lessons that we've learnt are featured.

Voyage Houston



"Sanya Mathura is a trail blazer. She is paving the way for women in maintenance, engineering, and entrepreneurship – all at the same time."

Check out our article with Upkeep Maintenance Management

Here's a link to our podcast: Oil Analysis & the importance of Condition Monitoring

The episode highlights are:

  • Why organisations should be concerned about lubrication
  • How to identify degradations in lubricants
  • Common types of lubricant degradation
  • The impact of failing lubricants
  • Best practice for storage and testing lubricants

Check out our podcast with

Rooted in Reliability