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Intro to PROACT RCA: Generate ROI with PROACT® RCA


This course is an introduction to the PROACT Root Cause Analysis framework. For over 50 years, our PROACT RCA approach has been a proven problem eliminator and generator of ROI.

PROACT® RCA Methodology and Certification


PROACT® Root Cause Analysis (RCA) training provides problem solving skills and techniques to properly investigate, analyze and prevent failures. Upon completion of this course, you will have the skill to complete a thorough and fact-driven RCA.

PROACT® Human Error Reduction


Human Error Reduction is designed to provide ideas about different management methods that have proved effective in improving human performance in the workplace. The goal is to have reliable systems in place which foster better decision making.

PROACT® Why Parts Fail


Why Parts Fail provides an in-depth understanding of how to verify hypotheses developed in a Root Cause Analysis. Dynamic presentations are made to teach attendees how to identify mechanical failure modes by reading fracture surfaces on components.

PROACT® Reliability Professional - All Courses


This course is for the Reliability Professional who wants it all: our flagship methods training; our advanced Analytical tools (Why Parts Fail and Human Error Reduction Techniques); as well as software training.

PROACT® Software Course


This course provides an in-depth overview in the use of the PROACT® Software. Included in the course is a step by step RCA exercise which takes the student through each step in the PROACT® Methodology.

Certificación en la Metodología de Análisis de Causa Raíz PROACT®

El entrenamiento de PROACT® Análisis de Causa Raíz proporciona habilidades y técnicas de resolución de problemas para investigar, analizar y prevenir errores. Al finalizar del curso, tendrá la habilidad de completar un ACR completo y basado en hechos.

Our Affiliate, 5th Order Industry LLC has training courses available in the following modules:

Contamination Control

Breathers, in-line filtration, by-pass filtration, kidney loop, filter media, filtration classification.

Fundamentals of Lubrication

Fundamentals of tribology, lubricant regimes, functions and types of a lubricant, oil performance, surface performance.


Grease Fundamentals

Lubricant Storage

Lubricant room design, containers, pumps, grease guns, centralized systems.

Lubricant Use & Application

Lubricant volume, re-lubrication, and change frequencies, selection, property requirements, manual delivery techniques, automatic delivery systems.

Lubricant Selection

Base oil selection, additive system selection, machine & application specific lubricant requirements.

Lubrication Chemistry

Base oils, performance based formulations, surface active additives, application driven chemistry.

Oil Analysis

Wear metals, contamination, oil condition, sampling, data interpretation.

Lubrication Failure Modes

Contamination, oil condition, application condition, surface degradation, wear modes, material failure.

Reliability Centered Maintenance

Reactive, preventative, predictive, proactive, and failure mode effect analysis.