Podcast with Robert Kalwarowsky on "Rob's Reliability Project" - Deep Dive into Lubrication.

On this week's episode, I welcome Sanya Mathura back on the podcast to take a deeper dive into lubrication and oil analysis. I hope you enjoy more detail and if you want even more depth on lubrication, let Sanya or I know on LinkedIn.

Podcast with Robert Kalwarowsky on "Rob's Reliability Project" - Reliability, RCA and Lubrication.

Sanya Mathura joins me to talk about her experience in reliability in the Caribbean, root cause analyses, oil analysis and lubrication. Check it out!



Podcast with Robert Kalwarowsky on "Rob's Reliability Project" - Lubricant Degradation

On this week's episode, I welcome on Sanya Mathura from Strategic Reliability Solutions.  We talk about lubricant degradation mechanisms, oxidation and what oil analysis tests we should be looking at to identify when to change oil.

Podcast with Robert Kalwarowsky on "Rob's Reliability Project" - Emotional Intelligence.

In this week's episode, I welcome Sanya Mathura to the show. We discuss emotional intelligence, self awareness and leadership!

Podcast with Ryan Chan from Upkeep Maintenance Management, Masterminds in Maintenance, Episode 7: Oil Analysis & The Importance of Condition Monitoring.

Together we discuss the critical role condition monitoring plays in maintenance as well as a deep dive into oil analysis:

  • How important is a lubrication program?
  • Should every component get oil analysis? What types of tests are recommended?
  • Are all lubricants compatible?
  • What are some of the biggest causes of lubrication failures and how can oil analysis assist?

Podcast with James Kovacevic from Rooted in Reliability - Lubrication

The episode highlights are:

  • Why organisations should be concerned about lubrication
  • How to identify degradation in lubricants
  • Common types of lubricant degradation
  • The impact of failing lubricants
  • Best practice for storage and testing lubricants


Podcast with Robert Kalwarowsky on "Rob's Reliability Project" - Lubrication and Leadership

On this week's episode, I welcome on Sanya Mathura from Strategic Reliability Solutions.  We discuss Lubrication, Leadership, and work life balance. Sanya also talks about the launch of her first book, Lubrication Degradation Mechanisms; A Complete Guide (published by CRC press) which comes out on 30 November, 2020!

Sanya chats with Kathleen Nelson as she shares the stories of ordinarily extraordinary women that work in different areas of STEM.

They cover the launch of Sanya's first book and gain some insight into growing up in Trinidad.

Check out the link here!

Sanya won the Industry Person of the Year, 2020 from Empowering Pumps & Equipment.

Check out her Acceptance speech as she talks about Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd's story, the book and so much more!

Charli K. Matthews interviews the Empowering Pumps & Equipment 2020 Industry Person of the Year, Sanya Mathura MLE, about engineering asset management, how she got started in the industry and more about her career in maintenance and reliability.

Check out the interview here!

Sanya & Nancy Regan of RCM Training do a Trilogy on Oil & RCM

Episode 1: Oil Analysis & RCM

Episode 2: ESD & FMEA

Episode 3: Microdieseling & FMEA

Check out our session with the Fluke Reliability, Accelix team!

Oil analysis is a primary way to determine lubrication breakdown, a sign of potential premature failure in critical and other assets. Lubricant degradation occurs in six ways—oxidation, thermal degradation, micro dieseling, electrostatic spark discharge, additive depletion, and contamination.

Sanya and Michelle Segrest of Factory of the Future have a quick chat about women in engineering, Sanya's book Lubrication Degradation Mechanisms: A Complete Guide and impacts on the future of manufacturing!

Check it out here!

Sanya and Steven Dobie of Maintenance Disrupted talk about the evolution of Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd, the response to Sanya's book Lubrication Degradation Mechanisms: A Complete Guide and a couple of other things she's working on! She gives us some insight into an upcoming collaborative book about RCA and some stories on the other book she's working on with many contributors aimed at empowering more women in STEM.

Check out the podcast here!

Sanya & Blair discuss the Lubrication and Reliability Virtual summit and her topic of, "Exploring the root causes of microdieseling".

They discuss getting past the physical roots and into the human and systemic / latent roots which once solved can prevent the failure from recurring.

They also chat a bit about the activities and some of the featured speakers for LRVS 2021.

Check out the podcast here!

Steven Dobie & Sanya had the treat of being able to sit with Shane Turcott of Steel Image!

Steven & Sanya both attended Shane’s “Introduction to Examining Fractures” course recently and we got to talk a bit about the different types of fractures and the material that he covers in the course.

It was very exciting as Shane delved into some of the ways to identify certain types of fractures. He also gave us an insider’s experience of the most common types of fractures and what he has seen over the years in this industry.

Check out the podcast here!

Sanya was recently featured on the Women in Maintenance podcast hosted by Caitlyn Young Gilbert of Upkeep.

Tune in and find out more about:

  • How Sanya overcame the challenges she faced in the industry
  • How to bring value to the table
  • The importance of bringing people from different backgrounds together for change.

Here's a link to the podcast: The Power of Diversity

Sanya had a chat with the Lubrication Expert himself, Rafe Britton from Australia.

In this episode, they talk about the different lubrication degradation mechanisms, how to identify them and some common misconceptions.

While these are covered in Lubrication Degradation Mechanisms - A complete guide, they also start talking about the second book (co-authored with Bob Latino) which delves into Lubrication Degradation - Getting into the Root Causes.

Here's a link to the video: Episode 008 - Lubricant Degradation Mechanisms!

Sanya chats with James Moorhouse, a Director at ABN Resource about women in STEM, diversity and inclusion, the most in-demand skills necessary in the ever-changing lubricants industry, and how tea fits into the big picture.

They talk about the upcoming book, "Empowering Women in STEM Personal Stories and Career Journeys from Around the World" and the impact these stories will have on the future and current generation.

Check out the podcast here!

Rafe Britton of Lubrication Expert & Sanya get to sit and talk about Varnish!

They talk about the various ways in which varnish has become more prevalent in the industry and some of the biggest challenges which operators face. The ICML Varnish badges are also discussed!

Check it out here!