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Instructor Led (10-14 June, 2024)

Learn to be an effective vibration analyst – capable of diagnosing a wide range of faults, conducting special tests, and performing precision aligning and balancing machinery – with advanced 3D animations and interactive simulations that make everything easy to understand.
We will teach you how to diagnose a wide range of fault conditions. We will teach you how to collect the right data with the correct vibration analyzer settings. And we will teach you some useful tips and tricks so that you may validate the diagnoses that you make. In addition, we will teach you about shaft alignment and balancing so that you can improve the reliability of the equipment.

You will:

  • Increase your knowledge on maintenance practices, condition monitoring, and the common condition monitoring technologies
  • Increase your knowledge about data collection, testing techniques, sensor types, and so on
  • Learn a great deal about signal processing and the settings of your vibration analyzer
  • Increase your knowledge of spectrum analysis, time waveform analysis, and phase analysis
  • Understand why phase analysis and time waveform analysis are both critical tools used by the vibration analyst
  • Learn about common failure modes and how to detect them, including unbalance, misalignment, looseness, resonance, pump/fan/compressor vane, and flow issues, cavitation, turbulence, gearbox failures, rolling element bearing failure, and more
  • Learn about high-frequency bearing and gear fault detection techniques: demodulation, enveloping, SPM HD, shock pulse, PeakVue, Spike Energy, and others
  • Be able to use spectra, phase readings, time waveforms, bump and impact tests, to test for looseness, resonance, and other conditions
  • Learn about precision shaft alignment and soft foot correction
  • Learn about single and two-plane balancing
  • Learn the basics of setting alarm limits: band alarms, and mask/envelope alarms

Price includes Exam fee and printed manuals


Date And Time

2024-06-10 @ 09:00 AM to
2024-06-14 @ 05:00 PM

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