Everyday Superheroes

Everyday Superheroes: Women in Energy Careers

Meet thirty-four real-life energy superheroes powering our planet. They install solar panels, dig wells miles into the ground, connect zigzagging power lines that charge our favorite electronics, and drive us into the future with battery-powered cars. Women in Energy Careers is the second book in the Everyday Superheroes series, sharing the colorful careers and illustrations of women working in energy.

This book series is relatable and inspiring, demonstrating the limitless possibilities for girls and the next generation of STEM Superheroes.

In this book, readers will discover:

  • Women in science biographies for kids
  • STEM careers for kids, from research and policy to engineers and meteorologists
  • Actionable steps girls and young women can take right now to become energy superheroes!
  • How energy is used to light our cities, build our homes, and charge our favorite devices

Everyday Superheroes Women in STEM Careers

Deep in space, on Mars, a robot rover searches for traces of water, one of the key things needed to support life. Back on Earth, Dr. Vandi Verma guides the robot, Curiosity, in its search. People all around the world were enchanted by animations like Princess and the Frog and Bravest Warriors, but before they ever hit the screen, Sonya Carey imagined and designed them. These are just some of the colorful careers of these Everyday Superheroes making the world a greener, healthier, and cleaner place.

Everyday Superheroes: Women in STEM Careers will spur reader's imaginations and introduce them to 26 STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Readers will:
- Learn about STEM real-life superheroes from an environmental lawyer to a robotics engineer.
- see diverse women working in STEM and changing the world.
- explore six superpowers important to STEM fields: curiosity, observation, problem solving, collaboration, data-collection and communication.
- Discover how dreams and imagination can lead to an exciting STEM career.