What is Microdieseling?

Microdieseling is also called Compressive Heating and is a form of pressure induced thermal degradation.

The oil goes through 4 stages in this degradation process:

1. There is a transition of entrained air from a low pressure to a high pressure zone

2. This produces localized temperatures in excess of 1000°C

3. The Bubble interface becomes carbonized

4. The oil darkens rapidly and produces carbon deposits due to oxidation

The conditions required for microdieseling can be either:

  • Low flashpoint with LOW implosion pressure
  • Low flashpoint with HIGH implosion pressure

For a low flashpoint with a HIGH implosion pressure, this constitutes to ignition products of incomplete combustion such as soots, tars and sludge

However, for a low flashpoint with a LOW implosion pressure, adiabatic compressive thermal heating degradation occurs to produce varnish from carbon insolubles such as coke, tars and resin.