Lubrication Degradation – Getting into the Root Causes


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After the first book of Lubrication Degradation Mechanisms - A Complete Guide, Sanya realized that most times, we stop at the physical root causes when investigating failures. She reached out to the veteran in the RCA industry, Bob Latino (Prelical Solutions), whose father was responsible for bringing reliability into the manufacturing & industrial sectors.

Together, they combined their expertise in both Root Cause Analysis and Lubrication Degradation to develop guidelines for each of the six different lubrication degradation mechanisms. This book seeks to guide users into the thought processes involved for failures of this nature and use these processes in other areas of their facility.

An ideal practical book for industry professionals involved with Plant Operations, Engineering, Management, Maintenance, Reliability, and also useful to Technicians.

Table of Contents

1. Lubrication Basics.

2. PROACT® Root Cause Analysis Basics.

3. The application of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to lubrication Degradation Related Failures.

4. Building of a Tree for the LDM: Oxidation.

5. Building of a Tree for the LDM: Thermal Degradation.

6. Building of a tree for the LDM: Microdieseling.

7. Building of a tree for the LDM: Electrostatic Spark Discharge.

8. Building of a tree for the LDM: Additive Depletion.

9. Building of a Tree for the LDM: Contamination.

10. Bringing it all Together: Fan Motor Failure RCA.