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Our Affiliate, Reliability Center Inc. has developed some great courses that you can attend in your own time at your own pace!

PROACT® RCA Methodology

Do you use the 5P’s when you’re gathering data for your investigation?

The 5P’s that we use when collecting data are:

  • Parts – take a look at all the parts involved in the failure
  • Position – often, the position of items after the failure helps us determine what happened
  • People – we need to talk to everyone involved, let’s find out what they heard, witnessed or events leading up to the failure
  • Paper – are there any documents that detail inspections that were done before the failure, checklists or even oil analysis results?
  • Paradigms – were any patterns noticed leading up to the failure, did it fail often at a particular time or after a process?

Human Error Reduction Techniques

Have you ever experienced Work Stress or Time Pressure Management? How did you and your team handle these challenges? Work Stress / Time Pressure Management is one of the topics that we will be covering the On Demand Human Error Reduction Techniques Workshop. Here are the subtopics that will be covered:

  • Conditions including work pressure – we need to be able to identify the conditions, so that we can change them
  • Work reaction to stress – by understanding reactions to stress, we can then handle situations by being better informed
  • Performance degradation and time pressure – if we can identify that the performance of our team is being degraded due to time pressure, we can now implement methods to alleviate such situations
  • Works Stress Management – Let’s jump straight into this one!
  • Lowering Stress at Work – Let’s start getting those levels down!

Why Parts Fail?

We’ve developed an On Demand module that covers the time aged question, “Why parts fail?

This module provides an in-depth understanding of how to verify hypotheses developed in a Root Cause Analysis. Dynamic presentations are made to teach attendees how to identify mechanical failure modes by reading fracture surfaces on components.

It includes actual examinations of failed components and even discusses the phases of failure that one should be on the lookout for during an investigation or even in the normal daily operations.

We’ve also included “Test your knowledge Exercises” in the On Demand WPF course!

PROACT® Reliability Professional

Calling all Reliability professionals!

This is your chance to get access to these four amazing courses:

  • PROACT® RCA Methodology & Certification
  • PROACT® Human Error Reduction
  • PROACT® Why Parts Fail
  • PROACT® Software Course

The Reliability Professional is designed for professionals who want to take it a step further and enhance their knowledge in all of the areas above!

PROACT® Software course

This course provides an in-depth overview in the use of the PROACT® Software. Included in the course is a step by step RCA exercise which takes the student through each step in the PROACT® Methodology.


Certificación en la Metodología de Análisis de Causa Raíz PROACT®

El entrenamiento de PROACT® Análisis de Causa Raíz proporciona habilidades y técnicas de resolución de problemas para investigar, analizar y prevenir errores. Al finalizar del curso, tendrá la habilidad de completar un ACR completo y basado en hechos.