STEM Authors

We are very excited to be a part of this initiative launch by CRC Press to bring more Female STEM Authors to the forefront. If you are a woman working in STEM (or a male counterpart) and are thinking about writing your (or that of your female colleague's) story, this is the perfect opportunity!

The aim of the book is to get more women involved in STEM. As such, we are envisioning a book where every contributor writes a chapter (or more) about their areas of expertise, talk about their journey and the paths they took to get to their current role in their engineering career. This book will be dedicated to celebrating women and their achievements with the ultimate goal of getting more women involved in STEM careers.

It is NOT the intention to condemn our male counterparts in this series and we would prefer to focus on the achievements of women and will have some male authors included who will share their support.

Get ready for the fourth book in the series of Empowering Women in STEM!


The first book in this series is titled, “Empowering Women in STEM – Personal Stories and Career Journeys from around the World.” This book featured stories from seven different countries in various sectors such as engineering, chemistry, agriculture, military and reliability. It is the aim that these books will help to inspire someone to join the world of STEM, stay in the world of STEM or help support those who are in the world of STEM.

The second book titled, “Empowering Women in STEM – Working together to inspire the future” will continue to shed some light on ways women have shattered barriers within the field, some journeys where men and women have worked together to achieve success and avenues which were created in spaces that did not allow women. This book collects stories from 22 authors in 11 different countries.


The third book, "Empowering Women in STEM - Power to make a difference" is already in production and we're preparing for the fourth book!

A STEM Author-2025-2

How does it work?

  • Submit your abstract by 31st August, 2024.
  • Begin writing your chapter and submit by 31st January, 2025.

There will be author meet ups to discuss any questions and there will be constant feedback throughout the entire process.

What are some topics which can be covered?

Some topics which can be covered are:

  • Women who have broken barriers and become the “first” to achieve success
  • Women who have led in various ways and how they were able to do so
  • DE&I in the workplace
  • Ways men and women can work together to achieve success within the STEM world
  • Ways men can become allies to women in any sector
  • How can you become the change you want to see in the world
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What about?

Abstract submission:

An abstract can be 2 paragraphs or an entire page. The main purpose of the abstract is to help you focus on the thoughts you want to write about in your chapter. Think of it as the summary to the chapter you will write.

Chapter submission:

We aren’t boxing anyone in for this project, be as detailed as you like with your chapter. There is no minimum requirement for the number of pages to be submitted for your chapter. All we ask, is that it is complete.

Will I be paid?

This is a voluntary submission. Unfortunately, individual authors will not be financially rewarded for their submission. However, you will gain a lot of exposure with the launching of the book and this will be your opportunity to share your story with the world. Many of the younger generation often declare that there are no role models who look like them or have their background, so they veer away from STEM. Let’s encourage them to enter STEM related fields and unlock the future.

What is the process?

Once you submit an abstract, we will review and provide some feedback on it. Then, you can proceed to write your chapter. The chapter can be submitted before 31stJanuary, 2025. All the chapters will be collected, reviewed and submitted to CRC Press. Next, CRC press will ask other authors for feedback on the book and according to this feedback, some adjustments will be made. During the copy editing process, minor adjustments will be made until the final boom is approved and ready for publication. This process usually takes 6 months, so publication may be by the end of 2025.


What is the 4th book about? 

The theme of the 4th book is (subject to change), "Empowering Women in STEM - Be the Change".
Often enough, we stumble across issues which we think should be changed whether this is challenging the status quo or trying to address the gender pay gap. The authors of this book are the game changers, the ones who stepped up and became the change that they wanted to be in the world, so that others can follow. While not everyone may think of themselves as game changers, consider that you may be inspiring someone else by simply showing up. Whether that's showing up as a parent at an afterschool activity or in the workplace, we are all making a difference, one small action at a time.
I invite you to be part of this 4th book and help show the world that one of the best ways to deal with a challenge is to be the change we want to see in the world.