STEM Authors


We are very excited to be a part of this initiative launch by CRC Press to bring more Female STEM Authors to the forefront. If you are a woman working in STEM (or a male counterpart) and are thinking about writing your (or that of your female colleague's) story, this is the perfect opportunity!

The aim of the book is to get more women involved in STEM. As such, we are envisioning a book where every contributor writes a chapter (or more) about their areas of expertise, talk about their journey and the paths they took to get to their current role in their engineering career. This book will be dedicated to celebrating women and their achievements with the ultimate goal of getting more women involved in STEM careers.

It is NOT the intention to condemn our male counterparts in this series and we would prefer to focus on the achievements of women and will have some male authors included who will share their support.

Examples of chapters might be something like:
• Writing about the path that you took to get to your career in STEM
• Writing about methods and applications that could improve the current status situation
• Write about soft skills that might be needed
• Offer case studies on the subject
• You can write about accomplishments by women in STEM
• Your own experiences with your career in STEM and give advice
Chapters by males are allowed. You can team up with someone who might be a male that perhaps has experience in another area or field of STEM that you both could use each other’s knowledge to come up with Operations Management Techniques, or maybe Business Management Applications, or Operations Research and Decision-Making Tools and applying them and writing a book or chapter that can help to push women to getting into STEM careers. (just options!)

This series of books can also be adapted to focus on timely STEM topics and innovations associated with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Engineering’s Grand Challenges. We want to allow women globally to understand how other women are working in the STEM discipline can use their research / technical projects / STEM knowledge to apply to these areas of global importance and align with the UN’s SDGs.

We held our first meeting on 21st April at 11am EST with Cindy Carelli, Executive Editor with CRC Press/Taylor and Francis to help answer questions and get a better understanding of the requirements.

If you're interested in becoming a contributor check out this link.

Also note the deadline for submission of Abstracts is 31st May, 2021 with the deadline for the first draft of your contribution being 31st November, 2021!

Here’s a look at the UN’s SDGs for those interested in incorporating these:

Here are some references that you may find useful:

Royal Academy of Engineering published a document explaining the 17 SDGs and what they are doing in each:

More detailed literature on the SDG Goal Indicators:

More details on each goal can be found here: