Strategic Reliability Solutions can help you to get the most out of your assets. We help customers to improve their reliability as it relates to lubrication best practices, ways to increase the lifespan of your lubricants and elevate their staff to achieve lubrication excellence. Through the help of our affiliates, we can also rain and certify your students on various reliability topics.



We offer consultancy services on a range of topics including but not limited to:

  • Lubrication challenges & solutions (SRSL)
  • Root Cause Analysis (Reliability Center Inc)
  • Maintenance Task Analysis & Level of Repair Analysis (EAST partnership)
  • RCM-R (Conscious Reliability)
  • Process Re-engineering, Strategy Development, Operational and Performance Improvement, Balancing Maintenance with Operations, Change Management (AMG International)
  • Maintenance Planning & Scheduling (Reliability Academy)
  • Leadership (ELITE)


Training Courses offered


Training Courses

Every organization is different and has varying cultures. Let’s work with your organization to make these courses tailored to suit your training requirements. Email us to book your consultation and help us determine which courses are most applicable to your organization’s needs.

Check out our On Demand Sessions here or take a look at some of the live training sessions available from our global affiliates who cover various areas of reliability.


Lubrication Audit

A lubrication audit entails the following:

  1. Compilation of lubricants currently in use for each component for a particular area
  2. Assessment of the OEM recommended lubricants in comparison to the lubricants in use. (This will include liaising with the OEM directly to ensure that the lubricants in use meet the OEM’s standards and approvals).
  3. Provision of recommendations for lubricants that do not meet the OEM specifications
  4. Development of Colour coordinated items to ensure that the correct lubricant is used in the specified component
  5. Development of lubrication maintenance schedule as per OEM requirements

Site Assessments

Having a second pair of eyes look at your daily operations in your plant can prove to be extremely useful! In most cases, someone new to the plant can identify safety risks, hazards or improvement methods from just one walk through the complex. Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd has experience in conducting these walkthroughs and making appropriate recommendations to increase the efficiency and reduce the safety risks in organizations.


Let’s help your organization to achieve an increased level of efficiency in its daily operations! Email us to book your Site Assessment today!



Recommendations for Storage Areas

Lubricants storage areas have always been a source of clutter. Most personnel think about getting into and out of that storage areas as quickly as possible. Some don’t even bother to put the lubricants back in their respective positions. However, these small mistakes sometimes turn into huge financial losses when the wrong lubricant is used in an inappropriate application and this causes operations to shut down to correct these issues.

If the Lubricant storage room was designed in such a manner that allowed easy access, easy identification and minimal disruptions then costly errors can be effortlessly avoided. Email us today so that we can work with your organization to help transform the storage area into a more productive area!

Analysis of Oil reports

Oil reports are filled with numbers and references but what do they all mean? Are the correct tests being performed to truly identify the lubricant’s degradation or its effects on the system? For every type of application, there are specialized tests that should be used to help gauge the degradation of the lubricant. With the knowledge of this degradation, one can identify if changes need to be made to the system or if a different lubricant is needed. It all starts with the used oil reports. Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd can interpret the report for your organization and make recommendations on the current oil analysis program to ensure that appropriate data is collected for trending lubricant degradation. Email us and book your appointment for this oil analysis interpretation session!