Precision Shaft Alignment


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Precision-aligned machines run more smoothly and suffer fewer failures – plus they consume less energy. Precision alignment must be part of your reliability improvement strategy. Precision Shaft Alignment makes it easier to gain knowledge, confidence, and competence. Precision Shaft Alignment provides step-by-step training, one slide at a time. The narrations add up to four hours and 39 minutes, but it will take longer to complete the training. Quizzes on each topic area are also included in the training.

Topics include:

  • An overview of precision alignment
  • A detailed introduction to alignment including the reliability benefits
  • The basics of dial-indicator calculations
  • Rim-and-face and reverse-dial dial-indicator alignment overview
  • Pre-alignment checks
  • Soft foot detection and correction
  • The rim-and-face method in detail
  • The reverse-dial method in detail
  • Laser alignment methods in detail
  • Moving the machine (and how to deal with the bolt bound and base bound situations)
  • Dealing with dynamic and thermal growth
  • Machine train alignment

While you can skip the dial indicator training, most experienced alignment practitioners have found that understanding dial indicator alignment has helped them achieve much better results with laser alignment. They find it helps them understand exactly what the laser alignment systems are doing.