Precision Field Balancing


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Precision-balanced machines run more smoothly and suffer fewer failures – plus they consume less energy. Precision balancing must be part of your reliability improvement strategy. Precision Field Balancing makes it easier to gain knowledge, confidence, and competence.

Course Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • What is unbalance
    • What causes machines to be out of balance
  • Understanding phase
    • Phase conventions
    • Advanced phase
    • Understanding vectors
  • Balancing theory
    • Different types of unbalance
  • Diagnosing unbalance
    • Confusing unbalance with other fault conditions
  • Preparing for the balance job
  • Single plane balancing
    • Single plane vector balancing
  • Two plane balancing
    • Static-couple balancing
  • Balancing overhung rotors
  • Four run no phase balancing
  • Trial weight selection
  • Splitting and combining weights
  • What can go wrong – and how to recover
  • Tolerances and quality and the ISO standards
  • Tolerances and quality and the API MIL standards
  • Conclusion